♔ 6 : R O Y A L E ♔™
" You give me the light to see; I can hear you calling back for me.This promise I’ll always keep; Just remember that I’ll never leave."        

♔ S H I N H W A ♔
  • With the new concept of Shinhwa Broadcast (SB) coming this April 7, let us all take a moment to reminisce some of the memorable phrases, actions, scenes, moments & episodes from SB season 1. Here’s my Top 30 selection. How about yours?

    1.  Superhero Episode with PilTa, Tuchoong, James Andy, YukRic, MaWoo (Fish) & SuperWan (Meat)
    2. PilTa lost his Tarzan ‘skirt’ & then it appeared to be on his shoulder —LMAO!
    3. Judo “Ripping clothes”
    4. Their distorted faces 
    5.  Screening Humanities episode
    6. Sungie’s ‘MAGICCC, MAGiCccc, Magicccc’
    7. African Carpenter
    8. HOT debate topics – nudity photo shooting & “Eric’s at least better than poop”
    9. Angry Eric Aegyo “Bbuing Bbuing”
    10. Shinhwa ranting in God of Eloquence episode – particularly loves Wannie, Andy, Eric & Sungie’s part
    11. Chicken fight with SHINee
    12. Clubbing inside the van
    13. Shinhwa Radio DJ-ing in the van
    14. ❤ God of MT episode with hidden camera for E-CEO (DAEBAK!)
    15. Farting exercise with Shinhwa
    16. ❤ Gentleman Dignity episode (ride on miniature plastic horses, skits, Shinhwa as bodyguards, M-style mung bean cake & all of them eating a bowl of spicy seafood noodles)
    17.  Farm Outing Channel episode (International vs. Local team ‘catwalk’, Pocheon ft. Sujong (the cow) impromptu song, Sungie mother-in-law nagging, WiiFiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~)
    18. Shinlawyer (Friendship Channel)
    19.  Historical Drama Olympics (6 Jang Hee Bin, the 6 Kyeong-bin “Meeeyahhhhhh~” , the Shinpainter’s drawing, Chun Hyang’s skits)
    20. Stupid M Style + Special Stupid
    21. ‘John Jean’
    22. Jindy smooch (Unaired scenes)
    23. E-cleopatra in Indian/Arabic dance (Shinhwa is the REAL variety GOD of idols!)
    24. E-thilda on the runway
    25. Bri Bri Shin Brief
    26. "Appeunya… Nado Appeuda…" & Eric Mansur “Kkamiereu”
    27. Shinballerino –  Crab fingers & crappy pointy feet crab bouncing. LOL!
    28.  Dubbing lesson episode (Shingumong, the chair gag!  Wannie’s “I’m the SOnnN!”; RicWan “Crazy Sisters” style)
    29. Shin - “Chillies”
    30. Andy epic moment in winning Kai Bai Bo

    Along the way, this Season 1 has created many memories, moments and knowledge among Shinhwa themselves and together with the viewers. This flashback of memories reminds me of their hard work & I appreciate them for bringing in their own colours into the show & confident enough to venture into something new. I wish them all the very best for the upcoming season 2. No matter how the outcome it may turn out to be, with the appearance of the legendary 6, I believe it is definitely worth watching. Let us continue to support them & have many more fun memories & laughters together.

    Oh…and of course, there are many more funny scenes, phrases and actions that are not listed here. Which one is your favourite? ^^                                       

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