The Legends~❤ 

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"Let it hurt, let it hurt, let it hurt so bad…"

I’m hurt too Hyesongie!

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offending the chitchais, where it hurts the most, their heights.

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If you don’t want to be blamed as a selfish mercenary person, please do not mention Dongwan’s muscular body

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Dongwan giving us his heart
…and a dumbfounded Eric


Dongwan giving us his heart

…and a dumbfounded Eric

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Dongwan reaction gifs

Feel free to use or edit. I wouldn’t mind at all XDDDD

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Sly and serious, and occasionally drastic, the SNL viewers’ night is filled up with the charms of Shinhwa. (x)

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Faces of Kim Dongwan: 13/20

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Min Woo being sulky cause Dong Wan refuses to let him play with his camera.

Dong Wan tries to cheer him up with a back hug he knows Min Woo loves but he stays pouty.

Dong Wan throws Min Woo on the bed and starts hitting him with the pillow. Min Woo got angry but plays along. He hits Dong Wan hard and say, “lemme play with your camera, Wannie!”

Dong Wan finally relents and gives him his camera while he watches TV, lying on Min Woo’s lap. Min Woo is smiling inside.

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